Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mini Treat Bag

I have actually run out of pictures for my recent cards! Don't worry I have several on my camera and more samples to take pictures of, for you. My problem......the batteries died in my camera!!! That rather stopped production. Of course, I don't have any extra on hand, so will have to wait until I can get somewhere to purchase new ones. Unlike some, I can't just run into town or down the street. :(

I don't believe I have shared this project with you, though, so all is not lost!

This gives you an idea of the size of the bag. You can add handles and decorate in so many ways!

                                                           MINI TREAT BAG

                                        from one sheet of paper stack (4 ½" x 6 ½" )

With long side to the top of the score board, score @ 1", 1 ½" , 2", 4", 4 ½" , and 5"

Turn short end to the top and score at 4"

Leaving the center 2" x ½" tab, cut off the rest of the ½" strip.

Crease all scores. Place tape on tab and one side.

Fold tab on top of side gussets and attach the bag sides.
Trim the top edge with decorative scissors. Decorate and fill as desired.

Have a great day, and thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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