Wednesday, January 20, 2016

scraps and stamps

Do you have small scraps of cardstock and small stamps that you want to use? I am getting better at NOT hanging on to every little piece of scrap, but while I am stamping, why not use it if you can. Here is how I used a couple of pieces with some small stamps that I wanted to use. This also saves quite a bit of time.

Position your stamps on to the cardstock. Remember to place them down as if you were going to stamp them.

Lie you clear block on top and press down so the stamps will stick as usual. You are now ready to stamp onto the scraps, just as you had positioned them.

I hope this helps you out, too. I am sure I am not the first to have done this, but I sure felt good when I thought of it! Stamping once instead of three times for these images AND using scraps that I might not have done before.

Have a great crafting day and thanks for stopping by!

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