Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Graduation Cap

Almost time for graduations! Here is a fun gift card holder. I saw the idea on Pinterest, but it had no measurements, so created my own.

The clip is just to hold it together for the picture. Thought that might be better than a picture of my fingers.

Start with a piece of cardstock that measures 7 1/2" x 7 1/4". (Mine is actually orange, but it looks pick to me in this picture. Hopefully you can see the measurements, okay.) Placing the 7 1/2" side to the top of the score board, score at 1". Turn to the right and score at 5/8" and 3 7/8" down to the previous score line. Flip the c/s over positioning the small square score at the bottom on the left side of the board. Score at 5/8" down to the 3 1/4" mark on the left side of the board. (This will form the tab for the sentiment (Congratulations) The other tab will fold up to create a pocket.

Cut off the long strips and the square formed by the score lines.

Now score from the end of each tab to create four equal square sections (not including the tabs).

Line up the corners on the board and scrore (I actually have used a silver Sharpie and marked the 6" groove on my board)

Rotate and repeat the other corner to the notch between the tabs.

Finger crease all of the score lines. The diagonal ones will be a mountain fold and the squares will be valley folds. You will crease with a bone folder later.

Fold up the pocket tab, you may need to trim a bit off each end as you want it to fit between the score lines of the square. Add a bit of adhesive to each end. This forms the pocket for a gift card or folding cash.

Bring the triangles down to the corner formed by the pocket and sentiment tab. They should fit together like a puzzle piece forming a square. Now use the bone folder to crease them in place. The top square will come down and cover all of the mechanics. Use you bone folder to crease those folds also.

Our colors are back and orange so I cut five - three inch squares from black cardstock. Set aside two for the top left corner and the cover. With two others, score diagonally on each one, then trim 1/8" on each side of the score line. This will give you four triangle mats. The last one is for the pocket. You will need to measure the pocket opening, then cut one side off. (This will slide into the pocket when you glue it in place. )

Stamp the sentiment on the tab and one of the squares. Attach to the base. I like to use wet glue. It gives me time to adjust when necessary. I embossed the Congratulations in black and the other sentiment in white. On the white, I colored it with a Pumpkin Pie Blend. (I think a color pencil would work, too, but not the markers)

I have some of the Halloween twine from last year which worked great for this tazzle! I just cut a piece, folded it in half and glued the loop to the top of the card. I then punched out a 1/2" circle and glued it on top. (A button would work, too, or even a large brad, but attach it before putting the mat onto the cover.)

I hope this all makes sense. It seems like a lot, but really does go together fairly quickly. I hope that you will give it a try and don't forget to sign the back of your work.

Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by and reading to the very end!

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